The world shocked by the speed of Chinese assembly-style architecture中国装配式建筑速度,世界惊叹!

2020-04-20 16:26


Construction started on January 25 andcompleted on February 2. In only 9 days, the completion ofWuhan Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospital refreshed people's perception onceagain in this battle of life and death and the fight against viruses,highlighting the speed of China once again.



Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, located onZhijihu Road in Caidian District, follows the model of Xiaotangshan Hospital inBeijing during the fight against SARS in 2003, is a special hospital in WuhanWorkers' Nursing Home for treating patients with new type of coronaviruspneumonia. The total construction area of Huoshenshan Hospital is 33,900 squaremeters, which accommodates 1,000 beds. Constructionstarted on January 25 and completed on February 2, which only took only 9 days.Many foreign cyber citizens said that the Chinese are freaking awesome !



A video posted on Twitter by ChinaInternational Television @CGTNOfficial has been viewed more than 5.5 milliontimes by more than 5.5 million peoplewith 18,000 likes.

中国国际电视台@CGTNOfficial发布在Twiiter上的发布的一段视频,已经超过550万人观看 1.8万人点赞


In the afternoon of January 25, Wuhan decided to build anotherLeishenshan Hospital in the Huangjiahu area. Leishenshan Hospital has a totalfloor area of 75,000 square meters and can accommodate 1600 beds. Theconstruction started on January 26. On January29, the first and second phases of the general plan were all designed and thepatients were admitted on February 8.




Behind this speed is the speed and power ofChina known as the "infrastructure mania", and of course, there isanother important reason: assembly-stylearchitecture. The construction of two hospitals, Leishenshan andHuoshenshan hospital, both use the industry's cutting-edge assembly-typeconstruction technology and maximize the use of assembled industrial products.At the same time, after external splicing for the overall lifting, siteconstruction and overall lifting interspersed, it can greatly reduce theworkload of on-site operations and increase the maximum efficiency.


Modular building is a very high assembly rateof a form of assembly-type building and a standardized thinking division ofthree-dimensional space integration module with building function. It coversthe structure, enclosure, interior and equipment pipeline and other systems ofcomponents. They are prefabricated in the factory, transported to the site forequipment connection in the way of integrated modules, and finally formed abuilding. Modular buildings havethe advantages of high standardization and high integration, which can greatlyreduce the entire construction period.


Benefits ofAssembly Modular Applications



Standardizationis the basis of modular construction. The basic guarantee for the rapid andhigh-quality construction are the standardization of the geometry, connectionmode, combination form of module, internal parts, equipment and facilities ofthe module.

1. 标准化



All functionalspaces are composed of highly standardized modules, reflecting the advantagesof high speed of standardization and integration, thus meeting the needs ofemergency medical facilities.




Designers makefull use of the existing module product size in a very short time to completethe construction. While the site is handled, the modules are produced in thefactory. The plant's surrounding and indoor construction conditions ensure thatits quality is easier to control and improve, which reduces defects, improvesproduct reliability and have higher production efficiency.




The constructionperiod on site is very short. In addition to the floor ingress flat, basictreatment and other wet work, there are other parts of the site completely dryconstruction, cross-work of various types of work, such as equipment pipelineinstallation, door and window installation, indoor facilities installation andso on. Compared with traditional construction methods, it not only saves time,but also reduces construction and decoration waste by about 70%.




IncreasedSupport for Assembly Building Benefits Policy


The developmentof assembly buildings has been viewed as a national strategy, and policysupport has been increased. In 2016, the State Council's Guidance on theDevelopment of Assembly Buildings proposed that "we strive to take about10 years to make the proportion of assembly buildings in the new constructionarea reach 30%." In 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Construction's"13th Five-Year Plan of Action" proposed that "by 2020, theproportion of new construction in the country's assembly buildings will reach morethan 15%, more than 20% of which will be promoted in key areas, more than 15%will be actively promoted, and more than 10% will be encouraged to promote thearea", further clarifying development plans such as the proportion ofprefabricated buildings.


Localgovernments have clearly set out the goal of assembly-type construction work.Under the guidance of the central policy, all provinces have formulatedrelevant policies and rules to promote the development of assembly-typebuildings in 2016-1. Particularly, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan andother regions clearly proposed to achieve the target of more than 30% ofassembly buildings by 2020; Jiangxi and other regions clearly proposed toachieve by 2020 the proportion of assembly buildings to reach 15-20% of thetarget.


The Span and Depth of Dssembly Buildings will beSignificantly Enhanced


The performanceof assembly buildings is better than that of traditional buildings. Theassembly building is mainly divided into steel structure assembly,prefabricated concrete assembly and wood structure assembly type, and itsstructural performance is superior to traditional buildings such as earthquakeresistance and wind resistance. Take steel structure assembly building as anexample, the benefits are the good steel weight, plasticity andtoughness, steel structure building seismic performance, the characteristics ofspace layout flexible, green sustainable development, self-weight lightcarrying capacity, high quality and so on. Although the steel fireresistance is not very good, through fire protection coatings and fire plateholding, these disadvantages would be eliminated.


Therefore,future assembly building, especially more in line with Chinese conditions ofthe assembly steel structure construction of the application of the scene willbe more and more, including hospitals, schools, housing (commercial housing,resettlement housing), industrial plants, three pavilions, a center and so on. Thecurrent economic situation and scientific and technological development havegiven the assembly building a good growth soil, the possibility of assemblyapplication is more and more, and the construction category is alsocontinuously increasing. I believe that in the future, assemblybuildings will bring more surprises to people's lives.