China Central Television introduces the light steel house中国中央电视台带我们了解轻钢房屋

2020-04-20 11:58

1. What is Light Steel Building? 什么是轻钢建房?

Light Steel Building is constructed by somesmall sections of steel which are load-bearing members. It can be done by assembly line works and industrialproduction. In other words, atwo or three hundred square meters of house can be constructed in 30 days, withability to resist earthquake, typhoon and so on.



2. How is the quality? 质量如何?

The staffused less than 1 mm thick steel to make three six-meter beamsand combined them together. In order to conduct the experiment, they put a fewplanks on it.Thirty adults stood together on it, and the beamstructure made of light steel turned out to be only slightly sinking inthe center.



The staff testedit with gypsum boards. The weight of each group of gypsum board is 2.4 tons,and a group of heavy objects outweighed 30 people. When the first set of gypsumboard was put on, the light steel beam obviously didn’t deform much. When thesecond set was added, the middle of the beam sank 1.1 cm. When the staff liftedthe fourth set, the middle of the beam sank more than 3 cm, but the whole beamwas still standing. When all the load-bearing objects were withdrawn, the lightsteel beams miraculously returned to their original shape, which is one of theadvantages of the light steel structure.



3. What is thedifference between Light Steel Building and traditional construction?


The seismicresistant property


Two houses weremade separately, with the same sizes, placing on the same shaking table. Whenthe shaking table swayed, the whole structure cracked. In 15 seconds, thewhole house collapsed, and even the foundation cracked.




The small housewith light steel structure was placed on the table until the whole vibrationwas completed. Although the bottom part disengaged from the fixed platform, thestructure of the house was intact without deformation. The seismic performancewas extremely good. It couldn’t be damaged by an earthquake, although beingdamaged. In the experiment, for houses of the same thickness and size, theseismic resistant property light steel structures was significantly betterthan that of brick-concrete structures.




The ability tosaving energy


Light steelstructure materials are recycled, When it comes to raw materials, productionand manufacturing, construction process and maintenance, Light SteelBuilding is truly a combination of safety, health and environmental protection. Becauseof this, it has been widely recognized as an energy-saving housingsystem with promotional value, and has been spread by customers. Inaddition, all kinds of thermal insulation materials filled in the wall havegood thermal insulation effect.The combination of light steel structure, thermalinsulation glass fiber cotton and various maintenance plates is a combined wallsystem and a combined roof system with good performance, with excellent thermalinsulation effect.


Two brick-concrete structure houses and light steel structurehouses of the same size and thickness were separately tested in a professionallaboratory to see the temperaturedifference between them. The temperature in the incubator dropped to minus 30 ° C.The experiment showed that during the cooling process, the temperaturedifference between the temperature in the light steel structure and thebrick-concrete space has been maintainedat about 13 ° C.



Fire resistance


Continuouslyburned by a spray gun at 1000 degrees Celsius, all the materials that made upthe wall almost no smoke and open flames appeared, although some materials weremelted and shrunk. The light steel structure was able to resist firefor four hours and maintain sufficient support capacity, which saved the timefor rescue in the fire.




Thealuminum-zinc plated material performed well in salt spray test, in a 5% saltspray environment:

1) Without anyprotection, rebar was immediately corroded.

2) With a simplecoating, Ordinary heavy steel was also severely corroded during the seven-dayexperimental period.

3) Only the surfaceof light steel plated with aluminum and zinc was still smooth and shiny,showing no signs of corrosion.